Health and Personal Care

We are always available for you with a wide variety of products under one roof. We also deal with health and personal care products. You won’t have to travel to different places to get such a wide variety of products.
Under the Health care Items we have wide range of products including Thermometer, oximeter, steam vaporizer, disposable hand gloves, disposable surgical gown sanitary pads, sanitizer and many more.

Our Product Range


Digital Thermometer

We deal with this device, which shows the body temperature on a LED screen. It is operated with battery having measuring sensor.

Adult Diaper

Diapers can be necessary for adults as well under various conditions such as mobility impairment,severe diarrhea, dementia etc. We deal with this product.

Pregnancy Kit

We deal with this kit which is used to determine whether a woman is pregnant.

Disposable Surgical Gown

This gown is generally used at the time of surgery, but it protects our body from cross contamination.

Disposable Hand Gloves

This gloves is a medical gloves used medical procedures to prevent cross contamination.

Steam Vaporizer

This device is used to create steam via boiling water. After the creation of steam, it cools down before it leaves the machine, enters the air and reaches the body.


We deal with this device which is used to measure the temperature of the body, one end of it generally contains mercury.


We deal with this small, lightweight device used to monitor  the amount of oxygen saturation.

Sanitary Pads

It is generally worn by women during menstruating, bleeding etc.


It is a liquid, or a gel, used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. It is also called hand antiseptic.

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