Our Baby Care Products

We also deal with baby care products including baby wipes, baby diapers for babies of different age groups, and also the baby skin and hair care products like soap, shampoo, oil, powder, creams etc.

Baby Wipes

We have wipes with advanced fiber technology to remove dirt and impurities, 100% gentle care, clinically proven. It effectively cleans and protects for soft and healthy skins. It has an advanced fiber technology that is made with ultra-fine fabric which works like a sponge and is ideal for a diaper change.

Baby Diapers

We have a wide range of diapers of different brands with different sizes. It is a piece of soft cloth that is folded around a baby’s bottom and between its legs to absorb and hold its body waste. The diapers we deal with are free from the harsh chemicals which damage your baby’s skin.


Baby Skin Care

We have a collection of baby skincare, ideal for baby boys and baby girls. Baby bath care, hair care, and skincare combo. Newly baby skincare is a delicate matter so you need to use natural products and the harsh chemicals which do not suit your baby’s body.

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