Insect Killers

We are always available for you with a wide variety of products under one roof. You won’t have to travel different places to get such a wide variety products.

We also deal with insects killer category. Under this section, we deal with all the products which are used to kill insects. We have a wide range of mosquito coils, mosquito kits, and mosquito nets, etc. All these products are of best quality.

Mosquito Coils

We deal this product of different brands. Mosquito coils are generally a spiral made up of a dried paste of pyrethrum powder, which when lit burns slowly to produce a mosquito repellent smoke.

Mosquito Kits

The Mosquito control kit- Ultimate offers the most versatility, including a solo 451 Mist Blower to get the fastest and best coverage with your insecticides. This kit contains two insecticides cocentrates, an insect growth regulator, as well as  a larvicide so that you can treat both land and standing water.

Mosquito Net

We also deal with this product which is basically a net made up of cloth. This fine net is hung across a door or a window or around a bed to keep mosquitoes away. We sell mosquito killers of different sizes and of the best quality.

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